3 Advantages of Free Online Dating

Geplaatst op 05-04-2024

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Free online dating is certainly popular amongst the majority of online users... The statistics of online dating use is impressive and free sites such as plentyoffish and okcupid continue to grow ~20,000 new singles every day according to plentyoffish.com... 

So why are these sites so popular?

It sure isn't looks... Pehaps there are just alot of daters that are not prepared to pay to contact people online, they end up at sites like pof. Once you become so big you have reached a point of growth that you cant stop?

Free online dating has it’s pros and cons: Here are the 3 reasons why free dating is better than paid...

1 - Cost:

Obviously the fact that it will never cost you a red cent is the biggest benefit of free online dating. eHarmony might cost you around 40 US dollars or more per month!

Other dating sites are based on a per credit basis which makes it very easy to chew through the coin just for emailing one person! You buy a certain amount of credits and use them up when you initiate contact with someone.

With free dating you can take your time and email as many singles as you want anywhere in the world...

You never have to think about the subscription costs or fishing out that credit card and typing in the numbers and dates. Just roll straight to the registration form which is usually on the front page and get searching.

Once you find a gal you fancy click on the contact button and your good to go!

Free online dating often leans toward the casual dating scene rather than the serious marriage and relationship dating such as eHarmony.

This could be a positive or negative aspect of the free dating online but either way everybody is usually fairly laid back and open to meet up.

No stress or limitations on your time or money. Because you never have to get your credit card out free dating sites attract huge numbers of singles every day...

They get shared with friends and grow rapidly which leads to the next benefit


Chico, CA Craigslist

Terre Haute Craigs List

Fort Smith Craigslist Personal

Joplin Craigslist Alternative

2 - Size:

A dating site is only as useful as the singles that are able to reply to you in your area. It can have all the matching features and expert compatibility questions under the sun but if nobody shows up then the site has no value. The top free dating sites : plentyoffish.com, loveawake.com, okcupid.com etc have huge databases in specific areas of the world...

Most of the singles come from America so if the recession is taking it’s toll on your wallet and you don’t want to be single in 2011 then you should be looking into 100% free online dating.

You can visit sign up and email a local single that takes your fancy in a matter of minutes!

Now that’s impressive. Sites like Craigslist are groups of closed door friendship circles which is great as social status is everything in the real world.

However dating sites allow you to search and contact anyone... regardless of their size location age or financial status. You can Join a free dating site such as Craigslist and rank male singles by annual income if that’s what your after.

If you live in a small town you might find that there are only a few singles that have signed up – If your willing to drive to the nearest big city to go on your date then hundreds if not thousands of dating opportunities become available.

3 - Comparable Features:

Paid dating sites boast fast loading feature rich dating sites...

They are not wrong...

But sites like okcupid are pushing the boundaries of what free dating sites are able to offer. Okcupid is known as the google of online dating as a result of offering a complex statistical matching system...

There is also a large database of user submitted questions and quizzes that you can take. These help you describe yourself to other singles and can be used in the matching process.

Free dating sites like plentyoffish.com are so successful because they were the first to enter the free dating market but they also work because they do ONE thing very well. All singles want to do is get into contact with other singles in their area...

Plentyoffish understands this and makes it happen in a fast and reliable manner. No bells and whistles here just plain old boy meets girl. You have a login box, a whose online and an email field...

What more could you want?

I mean video chat and fancy graphics are nice but once you have used plentyoffish to grab a skype account you can take things further right?